On the airfield territory there are 3 hangars fully meeting European Aviation Standards which are equipped by all necessary for aircraft basing and maintenance as well as its components. The airfield territory and hangars are under twenty-four-hour security, video surveillance and alarm system.

The airfield «Kiev-South» is located at distance 45 km from Kiev by Odessa route.




AFIS: 126,150

Hangar №3

It is a hangar with a controlled thermal mode (always is maintained above-zero temperatures). The hangar floor space is 901,9m².

Air Traffic Control

ATC is provided safe, regular and well-organized air traffic.

Used air navigation, aviation meteorology, strictly defined rules and instructions regulating detailed manner all activity aspects of ATC.

Hangar №2

It is the Maintenance and Repair Center. The hangar floor space is 2104m².

Hangar №1

It is the section of aircraft dyeing and storage of aircraft components. The hangar floor space is 670,9m².

The fuel-certified station

The fuel-certified station is used for refuelling by aviation kerosene and petrol.