The Maintenance and Repair Center is created according to the European standards and is the unique in Ukraine, certified by the CAA of Ukraine and also, the CAA of Moldova and Spain in accordance with JAR145.

In accordance with the Maintenance Organization Certificate issued by the CAA of Ukraine and Republic of Moldova, Aircompany «Rosavia Ltd.» carries out a line and periodic maintenance, maintenance service in storage, seasonal and special maintenance, works on life time extension and helicopter components service.

The Mobile Line Station (MLS) is unique production complex is created on the base of 40-ty foot sea container. MLS intend for maintenance of civil helicopters Mi-8T, Mi-8MTV-1, Mi-171 Mi-26T, Ka-32 (all versions) and aircraft An-3T.

The Hangar


The hangar square is 2104m2 allows placing helicopters of all type existing at the moment including Mi-26. It fits out all necessary equipment for maintenance and repair works, quality of flooring meets the requirement IATA.

One of Aircompany «Rosavia Ltd.» units is the Scientific and Technical Center on metrological support of aircraft operation and maintenance.

The center closely cooperates with the National Scientific Center "Institute for Metrology" on metrological support of aircraft operation and maintenance.