Skydiving is unforgettable moments of life…

Do you dream to jump with parachute? You are an extreme feeling lover and want to accomplish the first parachute jump?
Then we invite you and your friends, to accomplish the first parachute jumping the Parachute club "5th Ocean".

Jumps come true on the airfield "Kyiv-South", Drop Zone "5th Ocean", from aircraft Аn-3Т and helicopters Мi-8.
On your desire your jump will be taken off by an air video-operator on video and photo or Tandem instructor with a video camera on a hand (HandCam).

We provide the following jump types:

For beginners: tandems-jumps and jumps under the program «Acquaintance with Sky».
Also, you can take a course of free fall and obtain the first parachute licence "A" category.

For sportsmen: independent jumps, jumps of RW and FF, jumps on BigWay, jumps of WingSuit.

Parachute jump are carried out on Saturdays and Sundays.
Instruction for parachutists begins at 9:00 a.m.

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For the Beginners


Tandem-jump is an interesting and safe method to carry out the first jump.

Why a tandem-jump is considered the safest although at first sight it seems more difficult because of high-altitude and long free falling? Here five reasons of it:

  1. Any person interested can makes a tandem-jump from 6 year old and weighing to 140kg.
  2. A jump is executed in a pair with an experience instructor on the special two-seater parachute system.
  3. A height of jump is 3500-4000 meters, time of the free falling is 50-60sec.
  4. The instructor carries out all actions during the free falling and control by a parachute after opening.
  5. And most important: landing occurs on instructor’s feet.

Jump on the Program
«Acquaintance with Sky»

Do you dream about flight and complete freedom?

Now it is not obligatory to pass the whole course of free falling to feel all charm of a single jump.

In flight novice skydiver will be accompanied by two instructors, they will help to carry out the safe separation from the aircraft, will stabilize the free falling, will help to open a parachute and on a portable radio transmitter will help to approach and land safely.

The novice skydiver will need to do all independently, and it gives them to feel as the real skydiver.

If you decide not to leave further the sky, you can pass a cause on free falling - the program of individual training (theory and jumps), consisting of 7 levels where you study: the parachute system, a free falling basis, a parachute control, a safe landing, actions in special cases, etc.

For Sportsmen

The operating altitude of landing operation is 3500 – 4200 meters.

There are such demands to sportsmen on our airfield:

  • The Parachutist License (Certificate);
  • The Log book on jumping;
  • Passports (PackingDataCard) on parachute system;
  • Insurance policy.

If you need to pass inspection of the system or shift the reserve parachute – it can be done directly at the airfield.

Do not forget identity document.


If consider a parachute as some thing or a subject which is slowing down falling of a body in air then the pioneer will be Daedalus.

The parachute is considered as one of the oldest plan of the flying device.

Our partner on parachuting in Hungary Siőfok-Kiliti Airport

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