Working in the air transportation industry since 2000 the company employees were able to develop a number of effective programs to implement the air transportation of cargo quickly and accurately that, as a consequence, affect the competitiveness of our customers.


Cargo-and-passenger (convertible) An-3T aircraft is designed for transportation up to 12 people, as well as cargoes up to1800 kg. The aircraft is equipped for flight on international routes. An-3T uniqueness is that it can be operated both on artificial runways and unpaved airfield and snow-covered (up to 35 cm) runways (on the wheel and ski landing gear).


An-3T is not a copy of legendary “agriculturial airplane” and its deep modernization. Piston engine was changed on turbo-propeller, the cabin internal layout was changed. Heating system was installed in cabins, as well as electrical and navigational equipment is fully updated. In the result of modernization commercial payload has increased by 1,2 time, speed – 1,3 time, climbing capacity – 1,8 time, and noise level in cabin was reduced. Aircraft efficiency was increased by 1,5 time while fuel and oil consumption has decreased in two times.

The cargo cabin of aircraft An-3T can be converted in the following options: sanitary, forest patrol, landing. During winter time installation of ski with warmed runner is provided.


The cargo aircraft Il-76TD is used for transportation of outsized equipment and cargo of different purposes. Our partner has long-term work experience in transportation of different cargo and provides the following services: cargo delivery worldwide, transportation of cargo up to 50t, official transportation of special and dangerous cargo.


The cargo cabin of aircraft Il-76 is fully hermetic. Its length is 20m (with a ramp – 24,5m), height – 3,4m, width – 3,45m. For cargo loading there are 4 electric hoists (braced crane) cargo capacity of 2,5t each which move on two beams along all cargo cabin and more 5m beyond the ramp. Power winch and rope are available for loading heavy and outsized cargos. Using polyspast system it is possible to pull up 30t into the aircraft. Besides on the floor of the cargo cabin special roller tracks are installed on which container and platform can be pulled into the cabin with a help of winch.

The cargo ramp is the bottom of cargo door which lower for vehicles and cargos loading also it is also possible to carry cargo up to 2 tons. The ramp is a part of the hermetic cargo cabin. There are 4 loading bridges which can be set at different angle for loading wheeled and tracked vehicles.