Aircompany Rosavia Ltd. offers heavy multipurpose helicopters.
Each type of helicopter has unique features and the same time it is universal.
Our helicopters can be used for implementation of different aviation works.

Passenger Transportation

  • transportation of delegations and workgroups;
  • excursions and tourist flights;
  • wedding trips and etc.



Helicopters can efficiently arrive on fire-place and provide firefighting with water intake in the nearest open reservoir. For firefighting it is used a suspended spillway facility – Bambi Backet (up to 5 000 liters). If necessary helicopters can be delivered in any point of the world on an aircraft that considerably reduce time of positioning.

Service of seagoing ships, drilling and oil-producing rigs


Service of seagoing ships, drilling and oil-producing rigs on continental platform (offshore area) demands high level of quality and safety from operators.

  • Transportation of drilling rig’s equipment;
  • Delivery of shifts and cargos to an oil-producing rigs.

Search-and-rescue operations

  • search and rescue operations on the land and at the sea;
  • emergency air transportation;
  • territories patrolling.

Cargo transportation

  • cargo transportation in the cabin and on external sling;
  • equipment transportation for a geological survey;
  • logging.

High-precision assembly works

  • Ropeway;
  • TV tower and cellular tower;
  • Communication constructions;
  • Transmission Tower.

Parachute jumping


We carry out the following jump types:

For beginners: tandems-jumps and jumps under the program «Acquaintance to the sky». Also, we can take a course of free fall and obtain the first parachute licence "A" category.

For sportsmen: independent jumps, jumps of RW and FF, jumps on BigWay, jumps of WingSuit.

Aerial photo- and video-filming, and other helicopter operations

  • out-of-the-way places shooting;
  • monitoring of transmission equipment, snow cover, forestry and etc.;
  • geological survey and etc.